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About Us

At Water Tower Textiles, we understand the frustration of trying to shop for clothes that fit and actually make you look and feel great.

After trying on a few outifts, you feel like your body is all wrong.

You’re fed up with…

…buying shirts that feel like a huge tent to fit your chest.

…the sleeves on plus sized shirts being too short and bunch in your arm pits.

…every pair of pants or leggings being too long or too short.

…the shirt shrinking 4 inches in length after you wash it, or the side hems are twisted.

…bunching, tugging, feeling shapeless, resinging yourself to looking and feeling blah.

We’ve been there, done that.

When Patty Anne started Water Tower Textiles with her daughter in October 2016, she was fed up with ill-fitting clothing, and the challenge of finding the right fabrics to create the outfits she had dreamed of wearing, but didn’t think was possible. We stock practical and on-trend fabrics with an emphasis on quality.

Water Tower Textiles will equip and inspire you so you can sew the wardrobe you‘ve always imagined. We do this with clear fabric descriptions so you know what fabric to buy to sew what, helpful customer service online and in store, a wonderful community of new and experienced sewists in our Facebook group, blog posts, tips and helpful links in our emails, and sewing lessons in store.

We are here to help you succeed in sewing great fitting clothes that make you look and feel fabulous!


Who/what are you supporting when you buy from Water Tower Textiles?

We are a single-mom run business that employs women from all backgrounds, race, culture, etc. We have team members that speak English, German and Korean. We have taught sewing lessons through a translator app.

Our showroom is wheelchair and stroller friendly with wide, organized aisles. We’ll help you find a tiny bikini pattern or sew a neck-to-toe dress. We love children and we’re just fine with their curious fingers touching all the display fabric. (Fabric purchases are cut from bolts/rolls in the back.) We have a couch in the back for you to nurse your little one.

We are passionate about equipping women to recognize and walk in their intrinsic value and unique gifts. We love to hear your passion, your struggle, your dreams, and as avid readers, we likely have a book to recommend to help you thrive and succeed. (No really, we love reading so much we added books to our showroom, because you can never have too many books or too much fabric.)

We value always learning, always growing, always challenging ourselves, learning and setting healthy boundaries, and standing with other women in fellowship and support.

We believe that all human beings are created equal and are worthy of love and belonging.