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Sewing Classes

Sewing classes at Water Tower Textiles are for the busy gal who just wants to look and feel great in her clothes, but doesn’t have time to spend 5 hours sewing a pencil case just to learn how to use every aspect of a sewing machine.

These are not exhaustive or advanced courses. We will equip you with the basic knowledge and techniques necessary to get started sewing garments that fit your unique body*. We use stretch knit fabric, and you will sew a garment you can wear home after classes.

Not sure you’ll be able to sew? We believe anyone who wants to learn can sew successfully with the right instruction, machine, pattern and fabric – and we’ll show you! It doesn’t matter if the only thing you’ve ever sewed was a huge flop in high school, or if your solo attempt frustrated you more than folding fitted sheets in the dark.

We’ve got your back.

Come laugh and learn with us, and leave feeling confident and looking fabulous.

*We can’t magically make you love your body, but we can help you realize it’s not your body that’s wrong. One of the reasons we feel so flawed is that pre-made fashion caters to a very limited body shape. Big boobs, small hips? Other way around? Super tall or really short? Perfect! Let’s make the garment fit you, instead of you trying to fit the garment.

 Sewing Class Schedule – Nov-Dec 2022

Our leggings class was well-attended and a lot of fun! All attendees decided to try out the serger, and successfully sewed a great-fitting pair of leggings. Thank you for coming out!

The remaining December classes have been canceled due to lack of interest and no shows. Please share you feedback with us regarding what you’re interested in learning to sew so we know if we should schedule lessons in the new year.